An emerging trend in global commercial best practice is the use of arbitration and mediation as key methods of resolving conflicts. Incentives for using these methods include reputation assurance, privacy and confidentiality, promotion of goodwill, preservation of business and personal relationships and effective cost containment.  We counsel clients and work closely with them to secure these incentives, appropriately.

However, we also recognize that arbitration or mediation might not in all circumstances be the best methods of resolving or managing a particular dispute or conflict.  Our policy, therefore, is to always work with the client to determine the best solutions specifically structured and adapted to meet the client’s individual needs and peculiar circumstances. This may sometimes mean outsourcing or referring the client to an affiliated litigation specialist law firm.

We have however established a proven track record of success in facilitating resolution of our clients’ disputes and conflicts with governmental and regulatory authorities and institutions, as well as with other private companies and other corporate organizations.  In many cases, we have been able to assist clients in saving time associated with litigation in Nigeria as well as achieving an optimal rationalisation of costs associated with litigation.